Policy & Research Support

This part of Kemet’s work is a higher level undertaking that requires serious analytical capabilities and foresightedness.

A key  Kemet personnel is as such, in a taught and well-guided PhD programme called “Diversity Management and Governance” to be taught and rotated at four different European Universities with this area of Kemet’s work. This is provide Kemet with fresh ideas in policy design, technical and cognitive support for policy making bodies. The topic with which he entered the  PhD programme is “Research and Cognitive Consulting as Tools for Equitable Policy Delivery and Compliance along the Lines of Societal Diversity”. This, the team hopes will assist Kemet in providing these services to partners and clients with a high measure of accuracy and providing cognitive and policy support programmes along the lines of new forms of societal and social diversities. You can download and read the proposal at Taught_PhD_Project_Abdallah Salisu.

A comprehensive data and report on our current cognitive, policy,  and research support work, various projects as well as the clients, is under way. You may also contact us for further information on this at http://kemetconsulting.com/contact/

Meanwhile, please take note and track the following issues

In Afrika  Gomoa East district disaster risk reduction project (To be implemented by Kemet and its partners) Museum of Contemporary Art of Ghana (MCAG) Kemet has just completed a comprehensive study on the establishment of a Museum of Contemporary Art in Ghana.  It is going to be the first Museum in ghana to host exhibitions and other events on temporal or periodic bases. it will focus on modern art in Africa and involve works of youth from different parts of the continent. Contact us for details and if you want fund or support this project. In Europe  Training for Africa-bound aid workers in understanding and use of the sociocultural context of African societies for effective aid delivery, impact and sustainability (Vienna, Austria)