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SME Project, Ghana

Our Economic Sector activities, are very grassroots and micro level based. As part of our strategy of giving private sector and self reliant economic initiatives and activities such as SMEs the space to flourish, we concentrate more on our secondary level competence, i.e. project support in terms of planning, monitoring, review and evaluation. However, our third level presence, i.e. in policy and sustainability  research and advice, which are vital in anchoring these ventures societies  is also well utilized. It is important to note that while African economies have grown at unprecedented rates due mainly to increase trade with China in recent years and socioeconomic management has improved at technical level, monetary-wise Africa remains the world’s most impoverished continent. Moreover, progress made remain fragile because of predominant dependence on aid in in its classical form. While this makes it impossible for macroeconomic growth to trickle down to the micro levels dependence on foreign assistance cripples indigenous initiatives and makes is almost impossible for self-reliant ventures to compete easy cash inflow in the face of little or no control mechanisms. With most countries well below the trajectory required to halve poverty by 2015, it is very likely that Sub-Saharan Africa will not reach the MDG targets. Countless researches keep reiterating the need for technical capacity and unorthodox measures far from classical development assistance. Kemet sets activities in Africa forth with the aim of building technical capacity, assist environmentally and socially responsible economic, social, educational and cultural project in order to help create an atmosphere new forms of initiatives can be tried so as to make Africa competitive rather than dependent. The entrance of Kemet in the market new forms of technical capacity building expertise and socially responsible methods will not only increase the effectiveness and efficiency of project implementation, it will help in drastic cut in poverty rates.

Current Socio-Economic Projects

Training for Africa-bound aid workers in understanding and use of the sociocultural context of African societies for effective aid delivery, impact and sustainability (Vienna, Austria) Social worker training: specially geared at social workers working with unaccompanied youth from Africa (Vienna, Austria) Workshop on Understanding the Dynamics of South to North Migration (Vienna, Austria) “” online Trading platform for African and other ethnically and culturally crafted textiles as well as contemporary textiles. The site is an open source where not only the site developers can sell textile on it but also people from outside can freely create their own accounts and trade textiles on the site. is expected to be online in the middle of November 2012.