Art & Culture Investment

In the art & culture sector,  we maintain experts and expertise at all three levels of our competences, initiating, planing and implementing a wells as consulting for projects in Africa and in Europe. Secondary level involvement such as project review, monitoring and evaluation and tertiary level in the areas of policy and support.  However, in this area in Europe, we mainly focus on Diaspora cultural and political activities.

The focus of our art and culture projects are Afro Modern with contemporary African art forms and definitions at the forefront. Our definition follows the Black Atlantic Journeys (in retrospect). Paul Gilroy’s The Black Atlantic: Modernity and Double Consciousness (Verso: London, 1993) which identifies a hybrid culture that connects the continents of Africa, the Americas and Europe, is Kemet’s source of inspiration. Gilroy’s seminal work examines the impact of Black Atlantic culture on modernism and the role of black artists, writers and other cultural activists from the beginning of the twentieth-century to present day. Read More

Current Art & culture Projects

Afro-Austria: Iconic Portraits and Thoughts

Piece: Autonomy
Artist: Ihu Inyamwu

September 2013, at ethnology Museum in Vienna: A legendary visual and literary exhibition entitled Afro Austria: Iconic Portraits and Thoughts
The exhibition is  show photographic portrait of iconic Afro-Austrians and activities typical of their lives in Austria as well as captivating scenes in the lives of blacks in Austria.
The literally aspect of the project entails showcasing books and journals by Austrian authors of African origin and other authors who have written about Africa in connection to Austria.
Readings and discussions of the topics central to these books and materials on display (exact reading and discussion dates will be announced soon or write to

Relaunch of Kente Bako Textile Market (online)

Dumas Wax, West Africa

Already available for public use at  The traditional small scale textile market is which has existed in Ghana for about a century and dealt mainly in African textiles is to be relaunched with an online portal that will allow equally important culturally valuable textiles from South America, Middle East, Europe, Asia and all parts of world to be offered on the portal. the source is cloud-based internet hub that allows people to create their own portfolios with three steps, keeping close contact with their trading partners in traditional textiles. while keeping important handicraft, this project ensures a return to environmentally friendly practices.