Kemet is a socioeconomic, cultural and environmental projects consulting firm based in Vienna, Austria. It is a Kandidaten Geselschaft (Multiple Investor Ownership) registered in Austria with its maximum shareholders working within its set-up. A worldwide technical capacity building, creative ideas and social responsibility project initiation and servicing company operating with a unique methodology called Socioeconomic Improvement Consultancy (SICs). We work at three distinct levels: at the primary level, executing environmental, socioeconomic and cultural projects. At the secondary level, we provide project planning, monitoring and evaluation (PPM&E) and support for various Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) ventures through our unique SIC system. The third is provision of policy, training and research support capacity building in socioeconomics.

The experience at Kemet range from academic, social, political, economic, green tech, rural development, water and infrastructural engineering to agriculture, all of which come to use at a certain stage or in numerous stages in everything we accomplish. We keep our organization lean and effective by fully engaging an administrative staff and cutting overhead cost by relying on a network of distinguished experts in the fields of various social and economics expertise, artists and cultural experts, environmental and conservationist scientist, sustainable agriculturists, development exerts, health and education experts, as well as international and public lawyers. We execute projects in all these areas while serving other clients in project servicing areas  such as planning monitoring and evaluation. We provide cognitive and research support in development policy for cross section of  developing economies.

Advisory Board Chairman 

Prof. Habiboulah Bakhoum Professor at University of Vienna. President of the Chamber of African Business Owners at the SWV Sozialdemokratischer Wirtschaftsverband Wien. Member of High Committee  of Institute for Cultural Diplomacy in Berlin.




The Core Team 

Abdallah Salisu: Chief Proprietor and Head of Socioeconomic Projects He holds a graduate of the Diplomatic Academy in Vienna and  the University of Aberdeen, UK. Currently a PhD student at University of Graz in Policy and Law. His work experience range from international organizations such as the UN’s IAEA, the Red Cross to smaller NGOs working in management positions in Africa, Europe and the Middle East. Educated between Africa and Europe, his work Experience epitomizes what Kemet stands for.

Nana Gyan Ackwonu: Administrative Proprietor and Head of Social and Cultural Projects Born in Austria to Ghanaian and Austrian parents, Nana´s education focused on sociopolitical issues from an early stage on. He is a graduate of the Vienna’s Academy of Social assistance Studies. His study and work experiences have taken him to Africa as well as Latin America, most importantly Brazil, which is home to the biggest African diaspora in the world. His work focuses mainly on community development processes, questions of migration and the role of youth in the dynamics of contemporary societies.

Rami Abdel Malik: Chief Consultant and Head of Environmental Projects. Born and educated in a multi-cultural environment in Europe with a Sudanese background. He holds a B.A. in Diplomatic Studies from the International University and a Masters Degree from the University of Wales in Project Management. His work experience includes various project and programme, management and communication positions in UN agencies, such as UNIDO and UNDP, at HQ level as well as in the field and in post-conflict settings. Rami has a naturally developed “soft skills” such as communication skills, conflict resolution and negotiation, creative problem solving, strategic thinking and team building.

Our Client Base
Our client base range from  individual Diasporans looking to return to Africa, aid Agencies, news Agencies and research agencies, other individuals, international conglomerates, public institutions in Africa or African governments, regional Economic Commissions (ECOWAS, SADC, COMESA), international organizations, universities, training institutes and schools